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Our passion for great coffee goes back over 90 years. But we'll never let tradition get in the way of our fresh thinking. We're constantly adapting and innovating to meet the needs and tastes of today's discerning coffee lovers.

The Kenco Brand

The wonderful world of Kenco
After over 90 years, we've learned a thing or two about coffee. We've kept our eyes on the changing tastes of increasingly discerning coffee drinkers, innovated and adapted accordingly. So however your customers, your consumers or colleagues like their coffee, we have the perfect blend they'll love and our passion and experience can be enjoyed in every cup.

Everything we do at Kenco is about bringing you the perfect coffee experience. This means wonderful tasting coffee that's great for everyone including you, the grower and the environment. That’s why we are leading coffee sustainability with Coffee Made Happy, a programme with the ambition to help one million coffee farmers become successful entrepreneurs. Making coffee farming more profitable, sustainable & respected.

Taste your way around the world
One of the most wonderful things about coffee is its variety. We source our beans from all over the world. Each coffee-growing region has its own distinct flavour and characteristics due to different climates, soils and altitude. Kenco beans go through rigorous quality checks throughout their journey from harvesting to roasting, blending and finally packing to ensure that they reach you in perfect condition.

Kenco keeps people coming back for more
Kenco brings you coffee that your customers and colleagues love and directly benefits growers and the environment. If you're like us, a great cup of coffee tastes even better when you know it's having a positive effect on everyone.


Making great coffee since 1923
Over 90 years ago a group of retired coffee planters got together (probably over a coffee) and founded the Kenya Coffee Company. Initially it was to select and roast beans exclusively for the group's luxury London coffee shops - but one thing led to another and we've never looked back.

Advance to Mayfair
In the 1920s and 1930s the company grew rapidly by selling roast and ground coffee direct to customers at our new Mayfair shop. We also sent coffee further afield, mainly to country houses, via mail order. As demand increased, the Kenya Coffee Company moved to larger premises in Sloane Street, London, next door to an up-and-coming food merchant called John Gardiner. Gardiner also ran restaurants and provided outdoor catering at events such as the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

After World War II, an astute Gardiner employee persuaded his boss to buy The Kenya Coffee Company. The retail business quickly expanded and a total of eleven coffee shops were opened at locations across the capital. These 'Kenya Coffee Company' shops go down in history as the first branded high street coffee shops in Britain.

Coffee power
In the 1960s, London was swinging and coffee shops were thriving. The company acquired the rights to distribute the famous Italian Gaggia espresso machines and started selling them to other coffee bars. At the same time the amount of coffee coming from Kenya was decreasing so The Kenya Coffee Company changed its name to simply the Kenco Coffee Company.

Coffee that's good for everyone
Over the last 50 years the Kenco story has continued to be been one of expansion and innovation, anticipating trends and adapting with radical results. As we all become increasingly sophisticated about our choice of coffee and our desire to look after our world, we'll continue to strive for choice, excellence and a sustainable future for all.

Brands you love

The nation's favourite drinks
Gone are the days when a hot drink out of the home just had to be 'warm and wet'. The Kenco Coffee Company drinks range has been created to meet the increasingly discerning and varied taste of you and your customers.

The Kenco Coffee Company offers a wide choice of quality drinks, including coffees, teas & hot chocolate from brands you love. So whether you're asked for a frothy cappuccino or a refreshing cuppa, you can make everyone happy.


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