Kenco Millicano Win:

Higher Education

What type of site is this?
A new college site with over 16,000 students and 2,000 staff.

Previous offering was an in-cup solution at 50p per vend.

What wasn’t working?
The poor perception of vended coffee through the machine as well as the lack of high street representation. There was no flexibility to demand a higher price due to this.

Kenco Millicano is now the coffee offering in a 12oz cup through a floor standing vending machine.

What is working?

The quality of taste along with the variation in the beverage range Kenco Millicano offers. It provides the young consumer with a beverage closer to a high street expectation and the opportunity for the client to charge a £1 vend price.

Key Take Out
Kenco Millicano has worked because it appeals to the younger generation as a quality coffee that is reminiscent of a high street standard quality as well as providing the opportunity for the client to demand a higher price for a better product.

Case study


Case study


Case study