Kenco Millicano Win:

Hotel Sector

What type of site is this?
A chain of budget hotels, with at least 100 rooms on average per site. Free coffee is provided in the bedrooms, but pay vend within the communal areas.

What was Kenco Millicano up against?
Bean to cup solution.

Why was it is not the ideal solution?
The operational complexity and costs to maintain the product and a more expensive machine was far out weighted by the benefits of Kenco Millicano.

Kenco Millicano is now the coffee offering accompanied with micro granulated milk through a floor standing vending machine. 12oz tall paper cup along with Kenco Millicano decals and fascia’s to provide the consumer the ideal Kenco Millicano bundle.

Why Kenco Millianco
Consistent quality coffee, in addition to operational and equipment cost savings from a more efficient and reliable machine.

Key Take Out
Kenco Millicano won on the basis of a quality coffee which could produce a consistent serve to the consumer, whilst appealing to them as a premium offering through the use of branding but also delivering the cost savings to the client and operator without hassle.


"We are really pleased with how it's going; Kenco Millicano is a great product. It is a really good cup of coffee from a vending machine, I am impressed!"

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Higher Education

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