Kenco Millicano Win:


What type of site is this?
Blue collar free vend workplace site.

Bean to cup Voce at 12 months old which was at risk of being terminated driven by the loss in confidence in the machine and in the product itself that was being offered. The machine needed software updates which was causing various maintenance issues. 

What wasn't working?
An unreliable machine along with a coffee solution which was operationally more complex.

A New Kenco Millicano branded Voce machine installed along with Kenco Millicano as the coffee solution.

What is working?
The client is happy with a very high quality coffee which doesn’t create any technical problems and a coffee solution which vends quickly and benefits the employees on site. Additionally, the client has not faced any maintenance issues since having Kenco Millicano as the coffee offering.

Key Take Out
Kenco Millicano has worked because the quality of the coffee along with the operational efficiencies it provides not only to the client, but the vending operator is hugely beneficial.


"We definitely like Kenco Millicano more than the bean to cup solution, the taste is exquisite."

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