Bean to Cup Equipment

From bean to cup to customer - in seconds, with WMF Presto

 W453MM H745mm D554mm
 30-40 kg depentdent upon spec
 150 cups per hour
 2,2kw 230v
 Manual fill / plumbed.

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0845 603 8314

Works with Kenco Wholebean Coffee

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Bean to cup machines are easy to install, maintain and are extremely versatile

Just fill the hopper with coffee beans and let the machine take care of the grinding and brewing.

The WMF Presto offers:

  • High quality
  • Simple usage - produces hot drinks at the touch of a button
  • Automatic settings adjustment if the quantity of coffee is changed.

Excellent for..
High demand sites, e.g. restaurants, canteens and staff break-out areas.


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