Kenco 2GO! Boiler

A fantastic new look boiler complementing the range

 W390mm H541mm D350mm
 13kg - unfilled
 70 cups per hour
 2.4kW, 13A
 Mains fed, machine must be placed on a firm flat surface with a 15mm stopclock to a suitable fresh cold water mains supply. Manual fill; machine must be placed on a firm flat surface. Water tank must contain cold water before the boiler is switched on. The manufacturer recommends fitting a water filter between the water supply and the machine to reduce scaling around the heating element. 

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0845 603 8314

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The Kenco 2GO! boiler can deliver high quality self-serve hot drinks

  • A compact solution with a small footprint
  • Easy to use
  • 40 cups stacking capacity
  • Mains fed or manual fill options
  • Every kenco 2GO! boiler comes with a 12 month warranty*

*warranty may be invalidated if usage and care instructions are not allowed

Excellent for..
Medium to low demand sites, e.g. Leisure sites, travel, convenience stores and sports clubs.


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