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We want to produce great coffee well into the future and we have sustainability initiactives in the UK and Ireland to help.

Coffee Made Happy

At Kenco we believe in doing our bit for a fairer world.

That’s why we are leading coffee sustainability with Coffee Made Happy, a programme with the ambition to help one million coffee farmers become successful entrepreneurs.

Making coffee farming more profitable, sustainable & respected.

Corporate Responsibility

Quality coffee for years to come

We've got our hearts set on producing great coffee well into the future and we take our UK and Ireland sustainability responsibilities seriously.

We're continually working to promote sustainability in our business - protecting the environment, preventing pollution and preserving natural resources without compromising the quality of our products.

In the UK and Ireland we've already achieved ISO 14001 certification, requiring us to identify and assess environmental aspects of our operations and take necessary control to reduce our environmental impacts.

Our sustainability initiatives are focused on energy reduction and efficient use of resources. 85% of the energy required at our Oxfordshire manufacturing site is self-generated on site and spent coffee grounds are used to fuel the boilers that produce steam needed to process coffee beans, significantly reducing the amount of fossil fuels that we use. As well we've reduced the amount of heat and water needed by clever reuse and recovery projects within the factory. In addition, in Banbury we recycle and recover any wastes from production processes so that nothing is sent directly to landfill.

As well, we're founding members of the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group and we also operate a coffee machine refurbishment scheme. Find out more at

Our Cups

Love taste, hate waste

You may think we've become obsessive about making our cups better for the environment.

We're a founding member of The Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group, formed to identify ongoing sustainable routes for the recovery and subsequent recycling of paper cups.

ACE (the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment) has recently announced a UK reprocessing solution for recycled beverage cartons; the 25kt plant will be based in West Yorkshire and will be able to accept paper cups until the plant is at full capacity with beverage cartons.

As members of the Paper Cup Recycling and Recovery Group (supported by WRAP), we are currently investigating an industry wide solution to recover "used paper cups" into a valuable resource.

Please contact your local waste management service provider to understand how they can support you in the collection and recycling of paper cups.

Find out more about our UK sustainability initiatives.


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